Friday, January 27, 2006

Medical exams. Why?

I have a medical today as part of the rigmarole I have to go through to get a new job with an Uber Corporation. I can only assume that one of the main reasons behind medicals is that they are an ass-covering excercise, whereby I can't come along in 6 months and sue Corporation X for RSI if I am already showing signs of it now. The other of course is that they get to see if I am using drugs or drinking too much. Oops.

So, can you fail a medical, does anyone know? What happens then? Do they withdraw the offer of employment?

I really want this job! In fact, if they just gave me the benefits and percs, and left out the basic, it would probably still be worth my while getting this job. How's that for corporate whoredom!

EDIT: Well, I have a pulse, according to the test. Now I wish they would just send me the damn contract so I can thoroughly enjoy telling the current crew (employers/slave runners) where to shove it. In a diplomatic way, of course....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't encountered medicals for jobs here yet, but while working in the states a urine test was mandatory for all new workers.

'Pee in this cup' was the difference between working and not for the company.

As far as I know, you can't "fail" a medical, only get undesirable results (such as, determining whether one is a pisshead or not...)

29 January, 2006 02:44  
Anonymous RedLeeroy said...

was it Symantec ?

29 February, 2008 16:37  

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